Are Facials Really Good for Your Skin?


In recent years, facials have become extremely popular. There seems to be a facial for every type of skin, problem, and budget. There are even facials with random bases, like mud, gold, and even magnets. But, what if I told you facials aren’t as beneficial as everyone makes them out to be?

  1. Not as Custom as You Think

Nowadays, spas are promoting custom facial programs that enable people to tailor their facial to their specific preferences. For example, you could easily go into a spa and request a facial that targets sensitive dry skin prone to redness and acne, and your friend could go into the same spa and request a facial that targets oily skin prone to small blackheads. If this spa really offered customizable facials you would expect you and your friend to have different facials, right? Well, the chance of you and your friend receiving different facials is actually minimal.

The sad truth is most facials are made with the same simple ingredients. This is largely due to the fact most aestheticians don’t have the necessary education or time to create a truly customized facial for each of their clients. This doesn’t mean every spa that promotes customizable facials are lying. It just means there is a slim chance you will truly have a customized facial.

  1. Temporary Benefits

Facials are only temporary solutions unless you have the money and time to get a facial at least once a week. After all, do you really believe getting a facial once a month is going to get rid of your acne long-term? While most facials make skin glow for a few days and feel refreshed, that appearance and feeling won’t last forever. It’s kind of like eating healthy and losing weight. Drinking your daily water intake and eating clean for a few days isn’t going to solve all of your health or weight loss problems. It will only make you feel better for a few days.

  1. Dermatologists are Better

Overall, nothing comes close to the effectiveness that professional medical treatment has. If you have any serious skin concerns, you should schedule a dermatologist appointment. This means that you should only get a facial when you want your skin to glow for a few days or you want to relax.